Thursday, September 8, 2011

First day of school

Oh gosh, here we go. I have my first class tonight: a writing workshop taught by Zia Jaffrey, author of the absorbing book The Invisibles. Without thinking much about it, I volunteered to submit a piece I wrote over the summer about working in Cambodia for the first round of critiques. But now...I'm so nervous that my teeth are aching. Oy!

Before I go, I wanted to share a few food-related items and a few non-food-related items that I've collected over the last couple of days.

1. A great column by the author of Victory Over Ourselves: American Food in the Era of the Great War in yesterday's New York Times about the importance of knowing how to cook. I cut it out and sent it on to my gran, who was a home ec teacher for many years. Here's hoping people take note!

2. Here's hoping they also take note of this bad behavior, reported in the Times on Tuesday. Sure, it's not the end of the world, but don't these PR smartiepants know that nobody likes to be embarrassed?

3. And, best food item for last, they (THEY!) found a pancake recipe tucked away in Rosa Parks' papers. A PEANUT BUTTER pancake recipe! I love that she jotted it down on the back of an envelope, just like we non-heros do. I'm planning to make them on Saturday, and will think about how lucky we are that such a brave woman existed. She made the world better for everyone.

On to non-food topics...

1. The co-op I'm a member of lost power Monday, the night before my 6 a.m. shift. I was the first person to arrive from my squad, and was greeted by this, um, missive taped to the cheese cooler door. The shadow was cast by my hand in front of the headlamp I had to wear to get around in the dark...

2. This is a lovely solution to the tension between analogue and digital, as invented by a new friend. He razored an iPhone-sized depression in his Moleskine notebook, and uses that as a cover. It strikes the balance so much better than, say, this! What can this new invention be called? iSkine? iMole? (It strikes me now that both of these non-food items have skeletons in them. That was unintentional. But the second one is kind of sweet, no?)

3. And finally, I heard A.O. Scott speak last night about the reason critics are important. He was thoughtful and warm, and altogether different than the scary, snarky, please-don't-make-fun-of-me kind of critic archetype I have in my head. It was extremely affirming, and reminded me to not be so judgemental and snarky myself. There is always much to learn.

Ok, I'm off! Wish me luck! I hope you are nearing the end of the week with great anticipation for a wonderful weekend.

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