Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From HK to BK

Scott came through town a few days ago from Hong Kong and brought with him the spiciest sauce in the world and fermented bean paste. They are the greatest gifts, satisfying my spice tooth and my salt tooth, as well as my curiosity to know what other people eat in the world. Normally you have to travel to find that out, but when you have little time or money to do so, and the food comes to you...heaven. At home, Scott eats the fermented bean curd spread on toast, so that's what I tried this morning.

And holy crap, it is salty, salty, salty! My tongue felt a little dessicated after about three bites. But it's also addictive, like a cheese that initially feels like it's so stinky it's singing the inside of your nose, or durian, which smells like a different disgusting thing to different people but is impossible to stop eating once you've had a piece. I don't know if fermented bean paste will make a regular appearance at breakfast, but I do know that I'll put a little on some toast the next time I have itchy feet but have to stay put. 

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