Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mary's Fishcamp, then Applewood.Yes!

Oh Mary, how I love your camp of fish. I have never met you. I don't even know what you might look like. But if we were ever introduced, I'd say this: I really, really like your restaurant.
Rus and I had our last dinner of the year last night at Mary's Fishcamp, and we went a little bit wild with the ordering. There were New Zealand cockles, three kinds of raw oysters, Guatemalan shrimp in spicy garlic sauce, crayfish hush puppies, peekytoe crabs in cream sauce and grilled lobster.
There was a chocolate sundae and a steamed lemon pudding with candied lemon zest. At one point the waitress looked at us like we were nuts for ordering so much, but everything was so flavorful, and there was such a wide variety of dishes on the menu, and it was New Years Eve, after all.
If it's important for the last meal of the year to be spectacular, it follows that the first meal of the year should be, too. Right? (Convenient logic...) So while Rus rested because of a sore throat, I went down to Applewood, sat at the counter and had a less crazy but still delish meal: grilled cheese with bacon, fries and coffee, and read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. YES on all counts.
 I don't know if it's socially acceptable among bloggers and blog readers to lavish praise on restaurants and cookbooks and other bloggers, instead of being measured and casting about with a critical eye. (I was going to say gimlet eye, because I LOVE GIMLETS) But there's just so much criticizing floating around, I know I'm too critical, and I just want it to stop already. Which brings me to my list of 2012 resolutions.

Pledges for 2012
1. Be less critical! Quit squalling, worrying, nitpicking. 
2. Pay attention to the good stuff more often then the bad stuff, externally and internally. 
3. Have better focus. Real focus! Sustained focus, even when it's hard or the task is tedious.  
4. Have a steadier supply of handy snacks. So that when hunger strikes at work or while studying, it doesn't spiral into a grouchy mood. 
5. Hang the second set of Venetian blinds (BLINDZ), instead of looking at them for weeks and wishing they would hang themselves. 
6. Eat good luck blackeyed peas ASAP, then spend the rest of the year recognizing all the good luck flowing my way, even when it's hard to see, or isn't exactly what I'd wanted. 

Happy 2012 all! Here's hoping it's a great year for everyone.

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